No matter how big or small your fleet is, the experts at Paleo Car Care have you covered. Our #1 goal is getting you back on the road because we understand time is money and your trucks need to be on the road.

Paleo’s ability to save you time and money is twofold.

  • Our homegrown technology offers end-to-end fleet maintenance and repairs, driven by our fleet management app. Our fleet management app allows us to manage your fleet and recommend preventative maintenance when they are due, greatly reducing downtime and expensive repairs.
  • Paleo has a parts store in-house with over 100k sku’s greatly reducing turnaround time by not waiting on parts deliveries. We literally pull the parts off the shelf and install them on your vehicle.

We offer concierge service at no additional charge. This includes pickup and delivery of your vehicle and a courtesy wash because we understand your image on the road is everything.


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