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The Cost

$4.99 per trip Convenience fee for Regular Members, Free for Premium Members

We monitor average gas prices in your area so you just have to pay for the convenience of our driver making your life easier!

What about gas prices?

We work very hard to keep our gas prices in the same range as what you would pay at a gas station.

Earn Rewards

$0.05 per Gallon for Regular Members, $0.10 per Gallon for Premium Members

Every time you place a gas delivery order, you’ll earn Paleo Car Care credits for every gallon of gas you order. Need 10 gallons? Congrats, you just earned $1.00 in Paleo Car Care Credits, which you can track and access at any time in your Paleo Car Care Wallet within the app!

$20 a Referral

We also want to reward you for letting your friends, neighbors, coworkers and more know how much you love this app, so anytime you Refer a Friend via the app, you’ll each earn $20 in Paleo Car Care Credits when they order their first gas delivery!

Join the evolution of car care.

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